2008 Forum

2008 National LMI Forum
"Understanding the Role of Labour Market Information in a Changing Economy”

October 20-22, 2008
Crowne Plaza Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook
Fredericton, New Brunswick


In today´s changing economy access to timely, accurate Labour Market Information (LMI) is more important than ever.  Advances in technology, communications and transportation have expanded markets to a global scale.  Demographic changes such as aging population and declining birthrates have affected labour market dynamics.  Canada is a country with diverse labour market realities that can vary from one province to another or even from one sub-region of a province to another.  Expanding on and improving Canada´s LMI System continues to be a priority for federal, provincial and territorial governments.  By exploring LMI issues and best practices and identifying areas for improvement, Governments continue to devise new methods of collecting, analyzing, producing and disseminating LMI for clients.

The Forum of Labour Market Ministers' (FLMM) Labour Market Information Working Group (LMIWG) is co-sponsoring, with the Province of New Brunswick, the sixth National LMI Forum, October 20-22, 2008 in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The theme of this year's Forum is: "Understanding the Role of Labour Market Information in a Changing Economy”. The overall objective of the Forum is engage policy makers, employers, intermediaries and clients in a discussion of how LMI can assist in making decisions, increasing productivity and realizing economic growth.

Specifically, the Forum will examine a variety of topics, including:

  • Economic and Labour Market Forecasts for Global and Canadian economies 
  • Perspectives on Labour Shortages
  • LMI Needs and Strategies for Businesses
  • The impacts of LMI on productivity 
  • International Techniques and Approaches to LMI 
  • Innovations in gathering, disseminating and delivering LMI

The FLMM's National LMI Forum brings together national and international experts on LMI, including academics, researchers, practitioners and policy makers. In addition to the scheduled presentations, the Forum will also feature an exhibit space, where organizations can showcase their work in LMI. Participants will have an opportunity to explore recent findings, discuss challenges and identify priorities in the LMI field.

This year´s Forum will also include participation by the Advisory Panel on LMI, a high-level group of individuals with strong links to the business, labour and academic communities which will advise FLMM Senior Officials on how LMI can contribute to Canada´s economic growth and efficiency over the next decade and better respond to the growing information and planning needs of employers, workers, and learners.. Don Drummond, the Chair of the Panel will provide the keynote address to begin the program and, during a scheduled consultation session, Forum participants will have an opportunity to share their knowledge, expertise, and opinions with Panel members.

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